Satellite Data



Catalog number: 40654
Launch Date: May 20, 2015
Status: Operational.

Packet Downlink:  145.825 1200 baud APRS
PSK31 Downlink 435.350 MHz FM (300 mw)
PSK31-5 Uplink 28.120 MHz PSK31 SSB (80 watts into omni vertical)

PSAT is a Naval Academy student satellite project named in honor of one of our graduates, Dr Parkinson of GPS fame

Contains an APRS packet radio communications transponder for relaying remote telemetry, sensor and user data from remote users and amateur radio environmental experiments or other data sources back to Amateur Radio experimenters via a global network of internet linked volunteer ground stations.

The data transponder also includes all telemetry, command and control for a complete cubesat.

A secondary transponder supports multi-user PSK31 text messaging users via a Brno University transponder.

PSK Software

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