Satellite Data


XW-2F (CAS-3F)

Catalog number: 40910
Launch Date: Sep 18, 2015
Status: Operational

Uplink: 435.330 - 435.350 MHz SSB/CW LSB
Downlink: 145.980 - 146.000 MHz SSB/CW USB    100 mW
Beacon: 145.975 MHz CW 22 WPM                     50 mW
Telemetry: 145.955 MHz 9.6/19.2kbps GMSK          100 mW

All other XW Satellite Frequencies

The six XW-2 CAMSAT satellites CAMSAT XW-2 (formerly known as CAS-3) amateur satellite system was launched in September 18, 2015.

Includes different weight category satellites, consists of a 20 kg, three 10 kg and two 1 kg satellites.

All six satellites are equipped with substantially the same amateur radio payloads, a U/V mode linear transponder, a CW telemetry beacon and an AX.25 19.2k/9.6k baud GMSK telemetry downlink are attached in each of the six satellites, each set of amateur radio equipments has the same technical characteristics, but operates on different frequencies of 70cm band uplink and 2m band downlink.

Log and reports of contacts in South America: